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Mike Lucas is a knot specialist, who has been involved in knotting and cordage for over thrity years. Experience initially gained in yachts and small boats was expanded about fifteen years ago to apply this capability into the analysis of knots used in crime. ‘Knots in Crime’ has been the main theme in assisting a number of police forces, the Crown Prosecution Service and prosecution and defence lawyers in learning more from knot evidence.

Qualifications & Experience

Mike Lucas is an independent consultant to the marine trade with over thirty years experience of yachts, boats rigging, ropes and associated equipment. Qualified as a Chartered Engineer with a BSc, he is also a member of the Forensic Science Society and registered with the UK Register of Expert Witnesses. He has studied the art, craft and science of knots for many years and is a member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers, the worldwide forum for rope workers, riggers and other exponents of knotting. The systematic preservation and identification of cordage clues from scenes of crime, was pioneered by members of the Guild.

Appointed as an expert witness with several Police Forces around UK, Pathologists and also the Crown Prosecution Service, Mike has been involved in dealing with evidence taken at scenes of crime, using his knowledge of knots and cordage. Careful analysis of knots & bindings used in a variety of suicides and murders has led to a comprehensive knowledge of the characteristics which contribute to an individual’s knot profile. In many cases, background and experience of the knot tyer can be reconciled with examined evidence, so as to provide meaningful comparison and links for identification purposes.


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